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Now public!
By Richard : 11/25/2016   0
The Sims Media is now public! I look forward to a community being built here, be sure to share the site with friends and post any screenshots or videos from The Sims you have.
Update & Public Beta
By Richard : 11/22/2016   1
Hi everyone,

An update has been released today that implements a lot of fixes to the forums and other places on the site. You can see a list of changes in the changelog. Assuming there are no bugs in this update will probably be the final update before we move to public beta. I plan to open the site to the public on Thursday November 24. (Thanksgiving in the US!) I hope you all continue stay active after we go public and tell your friends about the site. Going public will not mean updates stop, it just means I fill the website is ready to handle a larger audience. I still have many new features planned.

Thanks everyone for participating in the beta and helping me test! 


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